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1. We make a query on a zone.


2.The selected zone's features get hilighted.


3. Below cartoweb generates a list of the selected features attributes. Here we decide to visualize with google earth the KML containing all the layers.




4. The KML contains:

  • live WMS layers that get rendered again each time the view inside google earth changes

  • the generated map (a link to the same image generated by cartoweb)

  • placemarks for all the selected features (here polygons). Placemarks show the attributes defined in the mapfile. Google earth refreshes the placemarks localy each time the view changes (zoom in/ zoom out...)

5. Live WMS layers can be transparent when configured in mapfile so all the layers can be visible when they are all activated.








7. The same layers are all supported in google maps using KML.







9. geoRss export



10. Virtual Earth export via geoRSS



11. Yahoo Maps export via geoJSON



12.geoJSON export



13.Google Maps export via geoRSS