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exportgge 0.93 alpha


  • added javascript SOAP library extending OpenLayers to access cartoserver in SOAP
  • OpenLayers frontend in SOAP mode allows following functions ( everything made with javascript) :

- easy identification of geometries on map with markers or by browsing metadata
- table sorting/pagination of metadata
- metadata fulltext search
- export to PDF ( disabled in IE)
- export to csv
- google earth visualisation inside browser
- distance and area measure, back/forward history,pan,zoom,opacity, layer reorder

  • added google maps api support including google earth api
  • upgraded to yahoo maps api 3.8 , virtual earth api 6.1 and KML 2.2 ( validated with )
  • faster KML "snapshot" export (no more http redirect)
  • set refreshInterval to 0 instead of 1 to avoid repetitive reloading in google maps
  • more precise overlay inside google earth
  • KML export to google earth works in SOAP mode (ie cartoserverDirectAccess=false)


exportgge 0.92 alpha


  • added export to yahoo maps via geoJSON
  • added export to virtual earth via geoRSS
  • added raw export in geoRSS format ( GeoRSS Simple using RSS version 2.0 )
  • added raw export in geoJSON ( GeoJSON draft version 5 , )
  • added google maps export via geoRSS
  • added debug mode to get info about data and templating
  • added configuration options in exportGge.ini
  • refactoring

exportgge 0.91 alpha

  • added google maps support ( kml overlay on google maps)
    (not available yet in snaphost mode, only in query mode;
    requires mod_rewrite )
  • correction for linux


exportgge 0.9 alpha

  • initial release